Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gulp! Big Gulp!

Numbers 24.8
God brought them out, gulping enemies like morsels of meat.
amen amen amen! thank you lord that our triumph, our victory, our lives are all anchored on you! thank you for bringing us out of our slavery, our prison cells, our death sentences and into your life, defeating every single enemy along the way! sickness, depravity, defeat, fear, lack, insecurity and all - defeated! gulped! like morsels of meat! not standing a chance against you and what you have done! thank you lord for bringing us along the ride and handing us your life-earned victory so we can truly live out the life that you have beautifully written for us - life with you! with nothing holding us back, nothing hampering us, nothing diminishing our capacity whatsoever, nothing keeping us back - everything propelling us forward into more life, more victory, more mercy, more grace!

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