Thursday, March 07, 2013

Who Dares?

Numbers 24.9
Israel--who dares disturb him?
thank you God that because of you truly no one can disturb us! thank you lord that because of you we are truly covered and protected. no one can ever lay a hand on us, no once can ever take anything against us, because of your saving grace, because of your protecting word, because of your powerful hand we are truly secure, we are truly at peace, we are truly dependent and fully blessed because of you. what a great God you are, lord! what a loving God you are! thank you father that because of you we are truly undisturbed from our spirit, from our relationship with you, from our inner man - to our thoughts, our mind, our soul, our person, our emotions, our will - right down to our body, our health, our finances, our provisions, our limbs, from the tip of our head right down to our toes. praise you lord!

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