Friday, March 29, 2013


Exodus 33.53
I've given it to you. It's yours.
thank you lord that all we have came from you, and only good things come from you! thank you lord for such assurance, such surety in you that only trusting and believing in you could ever bring. thank you that not only have you saved us for eternity, taking care of the most important thing that is our relationship with you, but you are also the practical God that you are, never bound by earth's physical laws, and always rich and full in your foresight and provision. perfect timing, perfect resources, whether or not circumstances allow, as long as you have called it given and pronounced it ours in your will it will surely happen. thank you lord that you truly equip us for all things you have lined up for us, it's your call, your purpose, your story, your resources, your everything. praise you lord!

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