Monday, March 18, 2013

Kick In

Numbers 24.23
Who stands a chance when God starts in?
no one, that's for sure! no one could ever stand against you, stand up to you and thwart your plans, destroy what you have started, keep you from finishing your intent! thank you lord that you are on top of everything, your word has done its deed and it continues to do so, never to be reversed, never to be revoked, never to be run down by anyone or anything! blessed be your truth, because it lasts forever! blessed be your word, because it does what it says so forever! blessed be your judgments, because they ensure justice forever! blessed be your wisdom, because they accomplish your mighty word in all perfection forever! blessed be your generosity, because they provide for all things that have come, all things that are now and all things that are yet to come! blessed be you, lord!

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