Friday, March 08, 2013


Numbers 24.9
Whoever blesses you is blessed, whoever curses you is cursed.
thank you God for another reminder of you being on our side! holy spirit this is only possible because you are not just right here with us, but you are living in us! causing us to hear your every word, making us see what you want us to see, letting us in on your thoughts, what your plans are, what you think is best, always giving us clear guidance, not a single thread of confusion in you, always true, always lasting, always coming through, always generous, always loving, always available, always touching, always being the all-sufficient, all-powerful, all-relevant God! thank you that you are never our of our personal situations, you are always right here with us, rightfully living our lives, giving us your abundant favour while pouring yourself out in love because of your compassion! how else would we be without you lord?

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