Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Exodus 13.21
God went ahead of them to guide them.
thank you lord that wherever we go, in whatever we do, you are always ahead of us, making sure that we see you and giving us grace to choose you. praise you lord for your infinite wisdom that you generously impart to us so we can make the best decision. praise you lord for your unlimited power that brings us through all you want us to do for you and your purposes. praise you for how good you are, for seeing everything from start to finish, for being outside of our timeline, unhindered by our circumstances and situations. praise you lord for your grace that enables us to be who we need to be, choose what we need to choose - we are never in the dark, we are always in the light with what you see fit and what you deem is right, beautiful, perfect and best. praise you praise you praise you lord!

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