Sunday, September 16, 2012


Exodus 13.3
God brought you out with a powerful hand.
thank you lord that when you execute your plan it's always with a powerful hand! when you do what you said you will do, when you fulfill your word, when you let it runs its course and do its bidding, it's always unmistakably and undeniably you. we celebrate your powerful hand, lord, we celebrate your infinite might, we praise your unending wisdom, we worship you for your sovereignty, your foresight, your generosity, mercy and grace. we thank you for your protection for your security, for the assurance that we can hope in you, we can throw our everything at your feet and know for sure that you have the best in mind, have the perfect plan, and we are guaranteed by your integrity that what you have set with your word even before the whole world began will happen and will happen with your powerful hand. amen, so be it, praise you lord!

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