Sunday, September 02, 2012

Time Out!

Exodus 9.5
God set the time.
yes lord, YOU are the one who controls time. You are the one who controls EVERYTHING that happens in time. and what you set, you SURELY do! thank you lord that your timing is perfect, perfect, perfect! nothing is left out of the equation, nothing is taken out of context, nothing happens by chance. everything is secure, sure and has YOU as the perfect foundation, lord! nothing ever departs from your timeline and no one can ever defy what you set and what you have not set. thank you lord that you are the one true sovereign God, and you are the one true STRONG and POWERFUL God, that you can STAND BY WHAT YOU HAVE SET and YOU DO GOOD BY IT! thank you thank you lord, that we can count on you, put all our eggs in one basket - and TRUST in you, casting away all doubt, all fear, uncertainty, anxiety. PRAISE YOU PRAISE YOU LORD FOR REAL REST!

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