Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keep Keeping On

Exodus 13.21
They could travel both day and night.
amen! thank you lord! we are never limited by our dark circumstances anymore! circumstances and situations that don't seem to work out right are a non-issue anymore! what a redeemer, what a God! worthy of highest praise! praise you lord that we are not handicapped by anything the enemy has planned anymore, even darkness itself has no more power over us and we can keep going! during the day or at night, in good times or bad times, we can keep going, because you are there with us as our cloud of direction during the day, and our blazing bright light all throughout the night. thank you thank you thank you lord, you are amazing, you are true and wonderful, you never run out, your love never runs out, your grace never runs out, your mercy never runs out, you are unfailing, praise you lord praise you!

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