Sunday, September 09, 2012

Not a Hoof Left Behind

Exodus 10.26
Our livestock has to go with us with not a hoof left behind; they are part of the worship of our God.
amen, how true! our livelihood is part of our worship to God. thank you lord for this word today, thank you lord for establishing our provision, for giving fruit to our hands, for making our endeavors mean something, for sustaining us ever so faithfully. thank you thank you lord that we are SECURELY PROVIDED FOR in you - from physical to spiritual, you have everything covered! what an amazing, amazing, God with such awesome power and far-reaching foresight! thank you lord that what we do in our jobs and in whatever you have given us to be fruitful with is part of our worship to you! thank you lord for reminding us not to leave our job behind when we worship you, but to make sure it is part of how we honour you and love you and live you lord! praise you praise you!

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