Friday, September 14, 2012


Exodus 12.31-32
Go worship God on your own terms. Go. And bless me.
what word, what great assurance, that when we stand up for You and Your way of doing things, even those (and especially those) who do not believe in you will end up honouring you, letting us worship you the way you want us to! thank you lord that when we indeed put you first, when we honour you above all, you never fail to come through and end up having your way, the best way ever! thank you lord that we can trust you with the best for the rest of our lives when you have the both the best and the rest of our hearts! amen amen amen. thank you lord that your ways are always the best, your word never changes, your strength never fails, your grace never runs out, your covering never falls short, your wisdom infinite, your plans always on top, your love immeasurable, your truth always wins. thank you, lord. praise you lord!

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