Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As Sure As When

Exodus 13.11
When God does as he promised you and your fathers
praise you lord that's a WHEN not just an IF! thank you lord that you will surely do what you promised, exactly as you said! thank you lord for such assurance that we can hope on what you have promised, we are sure and secure in your great plan, we can surely hang our very lives on your every word because you do as you promised. and not just the promises to us, but the promises to our parents both physically and in the faith. praise you lord especially for the truth that no matter how we understand your promise, it will happen the best way, and only the best will happen - because your promise is never affected by our interpretation, it's always hinged on your truth, your words, your power, and always comes with your grace. amen amen amen! thank you lord for your provision for your promises, for your foresight, for your everything! praise you lord!

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