Saturday, September 01, 2012

I Got You

Exodus 8.23
I am God in this land. I'll make a sharp distinction between your people and mine.
what a God! yes lord, you are the God of our land! you are the God of wherever we are! be it in our homes, our jobs, schools or out on the road and everywhere else, and even in our situations, circumstances and hearts - and yes lord, even beyond the physical, YOU ARE GOD! you rule and reign, what you say goes, and you always SHARPLY DISTINCT US from those who do not follow you. yes lord, there is an UNDENIABLE DISTINCTION FOR THE BEST with us from all the rest, and YOU are that distinction! you are holy, lord, the ONLY ONE OF YOUR KIND! and thank you for making that huge difference - the ONLY difference that matters - in our lives! yes lord, when we are under hard circumstances, WE HAVE A SURE HOPE! that's our distinction! while we are in this life, WE HAVE YOUR BLESSING, FAVOR AND PROTECTION! that's our distinction! an undeniable, sharp distinction between us and those who are yet to follow you. thank you, thank you, thank you lord!

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