Friday, August 31, 2012


Exodus 8.19
This is God's doing.
amazing, lord! when YOU move, when YOU conceive of something, when YOU put it all into action, when YOU speak - it is UNMISTAKABLY YOU! marked by how great you are, how powerful you are, how far-reaching your thoughts are, how true your words are! even more amazing is that not only believers will testify of all this, but even pre-believers, lord! these were the words of pharaoh's magicians during one of the strikes, when they instantly knew they were no match for you and all you are. their words to pharaoh were more than a preaching, they were an acclamation of you! what an amazing, amazing God because YOUR WORK SPEAKS FOR YOU! all we need to do is continue to love you and put you first, and YOU WORKS WILL SPEAK OF YOU no matter what, no matter who! THAT is how powerful you are lord, praise you praise you praise.

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