Friday, August 03, 2012

You Will Never Run Empty

Exodus 3.21
You will not be empty-handed.
oh what a statement lord! what an assurance! what thank you that as we do what you want us to do, as we move in what you planned, WE WILL NEVER BE EMPTY-HANDED! we will always have YOU! we will always have THE THINGS THAT MATTER! and yes, in the context of this verse, EVEN MATERIALLY we will NOT be empty-handed! thank you lord that as we obey you, as we put you first, as we do what you want, as we move in your plan, as we do your bidding, we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be anxious for, nothing to worry about! because you HAVE TAKEN CARE OF ALL, ALL the details, lord! everything lord! nothings left to chance, everything deliberate! yes everything well thought-out! thank you so much lord! praise you praise you praise you! we will NEVER BE EMPTY-HANDED, be it health, wisdom, guidance, provision, fruitfulness, and be it in relationships, in our vocation and profession, and most of all in our faith, we will NEVER be empty-handed as we move in you. thank you lord!

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