Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Do It

Exodus 4.7
Moses did it.
yes lord! we will do what you told us to do! we will DO so, lord, because we CAN in you! we CAN! and we are ABLE, and we are EQUIPPED, and we are SECURE that it will happen and all that we need for it will be there right with you! no questions asked, no hurdles skipped, no difficulties shirked -- all success because of you and you alone! thank you lord that we can move on and keep going no matter what our past because you do not command in isolation. you command with a plan! you command you command and equip! you have seen through all the details of YOUR plan, YOUR story, YOUR goal, YOUR way, YOUR best! thank you father that we get to be part of what you do! and we will do just as you said. we will do it!

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