Saturday, August 18, 2012

Never Forget

Exodus 6.5
I've remembered my covenant.
you never forget, lord! you never miss a thing! you always have it there with you, always knowing for sure when the right and perfect time is, you always are there, lord. you always are SURE, you always are SECURE, you always are TRUE AND TIMELY, lord, you remember and call to mind at the best time, lord! never too late, never too early, and you always remember ALL your words, lord, EVERY SINGLE THING, lord, EVERY SINGLE TIME! just what we need, just what we are looking for, and exactly what we are looking forward to - the word you have placed in our hearts, the word you have given from your own mouth, sent from your own heart, conceived in your infinite mind, put together by your infinite wisdom - your promise, your covenant, remembered, just in time, and we're excited lord! praise you praise you lord!

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