Saturday, August 11, 2012

All I Will Do

Exodus 4.21
Be prepared. All the wonders that I will do through you, you will do.
oh wow lord! what certainty! what surety! what confidence! what commitment to your word! we will prepare ourselves lord - spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally! we will condition our hearts and our minds for what you want to do! ALL THE WONDERS THAT YOU WILL DO! thank you lord for getting us into your plan, for making us part of what you are doing, for working with us as your teammates, never in isolation, never by ourselves, always WITH YOU and EVERYONE and EVERYTHING THAT COMES ALONGSIDE WHAT YOU DO! thank you lord that we cannot do anything but PRAISE! that's how we will prepare ourselves, we will PRAISE you at all times! HALLELUJAH for all that you have done! HOSANNA for all that you will do! praise you praise you praise you lord! we will prepare our whole being to FULLY WELCOME what you will do and get rid of anything that even remotely goes against you! thank you father, and yes lord, we will be prepared!

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