Sunday, August 05, 2012

Isn't It I, GOD?

Exodus 4:11
And who do you think made humans? Isn't it I, GOD?
amen, lord! you are well beyond us! your ways are beyond us! your thoughts, what you do, who you deal with, the things you see, the details you pay attention to, the bigger picture you set, the circumstances and situations you hold, the world that you made - all way beyond whatever we can think of or do! thank you lord! you deserve praise! you deserve praise, lord! you miss nothing, lord, you made that person who's making all the decisions. you made that person who we need to deal with, you made us, you gave us everything we need, made us fit for everything that you need us to do. thank you lord, nothing to fear, nothing to be anxious for! thank you thank you lord! you, God, and knowing that YOU MADE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING is more than enough for us to be confident to live! praise you lord.

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