Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Will Know

Exodus 6.7
You will know that I am God.
oh wow, God, even now we are already anxiously awaiting and over-excited at what you have done, what you have been doing, and what you have so graciously made us understand that you are bout to do, and now this word! thank you lord, you keep outdoing yourself, truly from glory to glory! just when we thought we could never experience anything higher than what you have already so generously let us go through, here you are gain with a way over the top statement! thank you lord that we will know that YOU ARE GOD even more! your ways are wonderful, your thoughts are the highest, your plans best, your power unbeatable, your love uncontainable, your wonder unfathomable! we praise you, we look forward to your word, thank you, thank you for gracing us with this word today!

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