Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your God

Exodus 6.7
I am God, your God.
yes God! we continue to marvel at your goodness! but now we are more captivated by who you are! your identity! YOU ARE GOD! but even more than that, you are OUR God! the one we can call on! the one we can cry to, the one we can celebrate! the one we can truly praise and worship and honor and obey! the one God who is willing to call himself ours - willing to stamp his name on us! thank you, thank you lord that you are not stingy with who you are, you don't keep yourself from us, you don't remove yourself from our situation and stay inaccessibly - no! you join us wherever we are, and right there, right then, you do your miraculous redeeming work! thank you, lord, for being WITH us, for being God, for being OUR GOD!

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