Thursday, August 09, 2012

Freed To Serve

Exodus 4:23
Free my son so that he can serve me.
thank you lord for setting us free, thank you for breaking our chains, for taking us out of the grip of death so that we can serve you! that's our whole point of life lord, to do your bidding! that's what you saved us for, that's what you brought us to light for, that's what you made us for! thank you so much lord for breaking whatever the enemy has set in place, for thwarting his plans, for rendering them powerless - he is a non-issue, lord! thank you God! praise you that we can be with you! praise you that we can do things for you! thank you that our life has meaning because of you! thank you that we are significant because we get to be part of your grand story! praise you praise you lord, for freeing us from our past, our pain, our circumstances - from spiritual to physical, what a journey lord! and all to serve you lord. thank you. thank you.

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