Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Am God.

Exodus 6.2
God continued speaking to Moses, reassuring him, "I am GOD."
yes lord! you are God! what reassurance! thank you lord! you are God! you are the one and only God! you are not just A god, YOU ARE God! thank you lord that you have been, you always are, and you will continue to be so! thank you lord for you are mighty! you are strong! you are stronger than anyone, higher than anything, more powerful than all! no point comparing, no sense choosing others over you - YOU ARE GOD! thank you for the reassurance, lord! thank you lord for caring! thank you for being sovereign! thank you for minding all the details - big and small! praise you lord because you are wonderful! thank you lord that you are amazing! not only you, but what you do! hallelujah for all that you have done! hossana for all that you are about to do! we are so excited over you! thank you lord for being so great, God! you are the biggest, you are the greatest! you are the best! you are the only one of your kind! praise you lord. praise you praise you!

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