Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Step By Step

Exodus 4:15
I'll be right there with you, teaching you step by step.
thank you lord! step by step! teaching us what to say! giving us what we need! in your perfect time, at your perfect place, with your perfect judgment, on your perfect terms. thank you lord that you will be RIGHT THERE WITH US in our circumstances, in our ordeals, in our challenges and difficulties, in our situations, right in the middle of our lives, in the thick of the moment, in what you've sent us to do, RIGHT THERE, lord! you're with us! you never leave us alone, JUST AS YOU PROMISED! you never abandon us, just as you said! you never leave us hanging high and dry, you are always true to your word, you are always right there, teaching us STEP BY STEP! we are never at a loss, we are never at a disadvantage, we will never be confused, we are always confident, and we can always trust in your clear and ever present direction! thank you thank you lord!

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