Sunday, August 26, 2012


Exodus 7.5
The Egyptians will realize that I am God when I step in and take the Israelites out of their country.
wow lord, what you're about to do, we are in awe! we know that whatever it is it will be grand, truly spectacular, and ALWAYS A GOOD THING! oh God how you intervene! praise you for always stepping-in! for your hand that knows exactly how and what to do, when to do it, where it should be done! not just us, but everyone around us will REALIZE that YOU ARE GOD! it will be vividly unmistakable and remarkably memorable! in both realms physical and spiritual - and even beyond - it will be nothing like we've ever seen or heard before! thank you lord, praise you praise you for your grandeur! praise you for your infinite wisdom! praise you for your GENEROSITY! for your PERSONAL LOVE! that you step in, and move heaven and earth to fulfill what YOU THINK IS BEST, wow! thank you lord! we are so in love with you!

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