Monday, August 13, 2012

Now You'll See!

Exodus 6.1
Now you'll see what I'll do.
lord, we are reverently excited, almost trembling with anticipation, God! in the thick of the moment, right when things seemed to go worse, this is what you told moses! in the midst of the questions, in the flood of doubt-causing circumstances, in the height of difficulty, this is what you declared - now, NOW! YOU WILL SEE WHAT I WILL DO! amen lord! thank you father! thank you lord! this is not just a far-off assurance, this is a just-in-time promise! we will see your doing IN OUR LIFETIME! thank you lord! just as we are about to give up, just as the difficulty is almost too much to bear, just as our thoughts have run out of possibilities in the natural, WE WILL SEE WHAT YOU'LL DO! amen amen amen, lord! WE WILL! praise you lord! praise you!

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