Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hand Signs

Exodus 4:17
Now take what's in your hand; you'll use it to do my signs.
lord! thank you! praise you! wow lord, what a word! thank you father, WHATEVER'S IN OUR HAND, whatever we have with us, whatever you have deposited in us, whatever you've equipped us with right here, right now, we will use them ALL for YOUR SIGNS AND WONDERS! from our identity, to experiences, our race, our situations and circumstances, our families, our this and our that, and yes lord, EVEN OUR PAST! you will use them ALL FOR YOUR SIGNS! for your WONDERS! for all you want to accomplish! nothing about what we DON'T have, who we are NOT, what we CAN'T do, what we are NOT capable of, the things we CANNOT own, the things we CANNOT buy, the people we CANNOT convince, the person that we ARE NOT - THEY ARE ALL NOTHING! a NON-ISSUE! whatever we have - whoever you have made us to be JUST AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW, you will use them not just for any mediocre job, but for SIGNS AND WONDERS!

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