Friday, August 24, 2012

The Real Deal

Exodus 6.13
God again laid out the facts.
amen! you TRULY know how to handle us, lord how to work your creation! you truly know exactly what we need WHEN we need it WHERE we need it! thank you lord, for knowing that we are not always up and running, there are times where we are truly trodden down - so thank you lord that it's during these times of doubt, of wavering belief, of unsure steps - that YOU ONCE AGAIN LAY OUT THE FACTS, LAY DOWN THE REAL SCORE - of your truth! of your promises! of your word! of your identity! of your power! of your victory! of your perfect knowledge, of your perfect wisdom! of your perfect judgment! of your unending love! of your deep mercy! of your inexhaustible grace! yes, God, thank you for keeping on reminding us of all you are and all you do! we love you, lord, thank you, thank you, praise you!

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