Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Exodus 8.10
There is no one like our God.
amen! amen! we declare, lord, because IT IS SO! there is NO ONE LIKE YOU! what truth! of God thank you, thank you for being who you are! for being unlike anyone else! because we know that whatever we have experienced, whatever we have gone through, whatever we know, whatever we do not know, whatever we have not experiences, whatever we have never gone through - you are INFINITELY BETTER! unmistakably more powerful, more true, more capable, bigger, greater, more compassionate, more merciful, more generous, more forward-looking, more secure -- more EVERYTHING! INCOMPARABLE! truly NO ONE has seen, NO ONE has ever conceived of you! and YOU WILL STAY THAT WAY throughout eternity, for forever and a day beyond that! thank you lord! praise you! ever-worthy of worship! ever-worthy of praise! amen.

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