Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Talk Back

Exodus 8.13
God responded to Moses' prayer.
amen! amen amen amen! what a great word to open this day with, thank you lord! thank you for responding, for your generosity and favor not to leave us hanging forever, for letting us hear from you regarding our conversations with you. praise you lord! thank you that you know perfectly, you think perfectly, you conceive of plans perfectly, you plan, execute, carry-out, accomplish and follow-on perfectly, and in the midst of all this you care perfectly! you are mindful of us, lord, you make sure that our hearts always have to fuel to keep believing you, that our souls always have the strength to keep obeying you, that our bodies always have the capacity to keep following you, that our lives always have the tenacity to keep going on in and with you. thank you, thank you lord!

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