Monday, August 06, 2012

Get Going

Exodus 4:12
Get going. I'll be right there with you.
yes lord, we will! we will START, we will CONTINUE, and we will FINISH because of you lord! thank you father! because of you, we can keep going! because of you we can run the race! because of you we can live this life, because of you we can do what you want us to do! thank you so much, lord! thank you for going before us, thank you for being with us, thank you for being right there WITH US! because of your presence we can go! because you are with us we can face anything! we can face anyone! we are victorious, we are full of grace, we are full of mercy, we are equipped with skill, with all that we need, we are able to go and accomplish what you want for us. thank you so much lord, you are more than enough. truly ALL THAT WE NEED IS YOUR PRESENCE!

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