Saturday, August 04, 2012

What's In Your Hand?

Exodus 4.2
What's that in your hand?
amen, lord! what's in our hand, WHATEVER it is you have placed in our hands, YOU WILL USE IT MIGHTILY! whatever's in our hand IS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL TRUST YOU! whatever is our situation, whatever our circumstance, whatever we ARE, which includes what we are NOT - ALL OF THESE LORD, YOU WILL USE! thank you father, that even the enemy's attempt to kill, steal and destroy, THEY ARE FRUITLESS! because even what we DON'T have, YOU WILL STILL USE! because what you have placed in our hands, what you have GIVEN TO US, means that we had to let go of OTHER THINGS so that we can hold on to the SO MUCH BETTER that you HAVE for us! thank you lord! whatever we have right now, wherever we are right now, whoever we're with right now, they're absolutely important, and they're THE ONLY THING we need FOR YOU TO FULFILL YOUR PLAN! thank you so much lord! what security! what contentment, what peace in you! thank you lord! thank you lord!

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