Thursday, August 30, 2012

Told Ya So

Exodus 8.15
Just as God had said.
rightfully so, lord! overflowing gratitude for this reminder of peace, strength, security and surety on the truth and power of what you say. thank you lord! that we were shaped, we were formed together with the whole world and beyond - by your word and your word alone. AND THAT IS STILL THE CASE up to now! everything is still formed, everything is still shaped ONLY BY WHAT YOU SAY! praise you lord that nothing in this world and beyond, and no one in this world and beyond can ever go against what you say, can ever happen apart from what you say! everything, everyone moves, lives and has its being IN YOU! what a sovereign, mighty, God, who holds our life, our health, our relationships, our provisions, our fruitfulness, our protection, our security, our surety, our hearts - all in the power of your word!

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