Friday, September 07, 2012

Turning the Tides

Exodus 10.18
God reversed the wind.
wow God! you can really make anything - absolutely anything - go your way! be it the wind, or our circumstances, or the hearts of kings, or anything physical, or anything spiritual. and more importantly, you DO make them go your way! thank you lord that you turn the tides, you let the planets revolve, you call out the sea to do your bidding in your infinite wisdom! thank you lord that we can happily trust you in your direction, lord, in your perfect guidance, father, in your amazing, amazing love! no sickness, no disease, no injustice, no theft, no death, no destruction can ever interrupt your will, can ever go against you and succeed! thank you lord that your whole redemption story and resurrecting power goes beyond our eternal salvation and right down to our daily moments with you. thank you thank you thank you lord!

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