Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Exodus 9.29
The land is God's land.
how true, lord! how wonderfully true - that everything we are living off of, every fruit of our hands, everyone we deal with, every situation that we are in - YOU ARE SOVEREIGN OVER THEM ALL, because you own the land! thank you lord that you truly control everything. our job is in your hands, our productivity is in your hands. our success, our fruitfulness, the favor we have - they're all in your hands! we will not run after them, we will run after you! we will not be troubled by them, we have peace in you! we will not be concerned over them above all else, we will be concerned with our relationship with you! thank you lord that YOU are the one THAT MATTERS ABOVE ALL! praise you lord for being the one true God who owns everything, from whom all good things come, and whose words are always true and will surely always do their deed! amen!

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