Saturday, September 08, 2012


Exodus 10.23
The Israelites had light where they lived.
amen! no darkness could ever invade our lives, lord, because we always have YOU! we have light where we live - right down to our very homes, the light shines and the light prevails. the light means YOUR words rule, YOUR words do their deed, YOUR principles prevail, YOUR victory conquers everything, YOUR peace pervades everything! it's what you say that goes, it's what you want that happens, we will never be clueless, we will always have a clear direction, we will always know what to do, we will always know where to go, we always have your will going before us, we always have your favor, grace, mercy and protection covering us, we always have light RIGHT WHERE WE LIVE! right in our homes, lord! thank you so much for your presence! thank you so much for your love! thank you so much for your blessing! thank you so much for you!

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