Monday, September 10, 2012

Clean and Clear

Exodus 11.7
Against the Israelites -- man, woman, or animal -- there won't be so much as a dog's bark, so that you'll know that God makes a clear distinction between Egypt and Israel.
thank you lord for the protection! thank you lord for the favor, for the mercy and grace, thank you that we are always assured of your covering. thank you that your favor is unmistakable, undeniable and clearly towards us, that a night-and-day difference is evident from your display of sovereignty, control and victory over our lives! thank you lord that because of you we are truly successful, truly victorious, never defeated, always on top of every circumstance and every situation, thank you lord that we are full of health, our hearts are full of peace, we are overjoyed at what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do, thank you lord that you are amazing, you are wonderful, you are true, but most of all thank you lord that you are our God! YOU are the clear distinction we have from the rest of the world. praise you. praise you!

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