Monday, September 03, 2012

Still Standing

Exodus 9.16
For one reason I've kept you on your feet: To make you recognize my power so that my reputation spreads in all the Earth.
wow, lord! thank you for this word! THIS is the ONLY REASON WHY WE ARE STILL ALIVE! why we are STILL STANDING after all this time - so that we will RECOGNIZE, acknowledge, believe YOUR POWER - so that we will ATTRIBUTE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING TO YOUR POWER and YOUR POWER ALONE! so that we will learn that in this life, nothing happens because of us - everything happens perfectly BECAUSE OF YOU! and this will not stop with us, in our own experience, but we will make sure that because of what you have done, we can't help but SPREAD YOUR REPUTATION IN ALL THE EARTH! lord! this is the SOLE REASON WHY WE ARE STILL STANDING! thank you thank you thank you lord! praise you! amen!

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