Sunday, November 04, 2012

Awe and Wonder

Exodus 20.20
Don't be afraid. God has come to instill a deep and reverent awe within you so that you won't sin.
you are great! you are el shaddai! you are our one true God! you are miracle-working! thank you lord for casting out all fear in our hearts, in our minds, in our lives! thank you lord for building up our faith, for instilling in us a deep and reverent awe for you in us all so that we will never miss the mark and always be in the center of your will! thank you lord because you are true, you are great, you are amazing, you are lord! we love you lord! thank you that you did all the work so we can follow you and have a clear and straight direction towards you, always staying at the center of your very best for us, thank you lord! we love you so much. you never want us to miss the mark, you never want us to go astray, you always want us growing and living with you, always the perfect plan you have written so beautifully for us. we love you, love you lord.

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