Friday, November 23, 2012


Leviticus 11.45
Be holy because I am holy.
praise you lord, because when you tell us to do something, we can do it because of you! we can be set apart, positively different from the rest the world, because you are set apart, positively different from anyone - definitely above all else. blessed be your holy name, lord! thank you that because you are sovereign, we are completely secure. because you own and created everything, we are well-provided for. because you are all-powerful, we are fully protected. because you are love, we are filled with grace. because you are just and forgiving, we are filled with mercy. because you are always on time, we are never at a loss. because you do best, we are always on the right track. because you are wisdom, we never go wrong. because you are always true, we are always in the light. because you care, we are never unheard. because you are always with us, we are never alone. because you alone are worthy, we don't have to strive. because you gave everything, we can be generous. because you are healing, we are made whole. because you are the God of order, our hearts are always at ease. because you reached out and became us, we are empowered to be who you made us to be. because you are holy, we are holy. thank you, praise you lord. you are amazing!

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