Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hard Rock

Leviticus 10.15
This will be the regular share for you and your children as commanded by God.
lord! lord! what a word! thank you father, because as YOU are the one who takes care of our share - and our children's! thank you lord, that YOU, NOT US, order so, take care of it all, take charge of everything, you are mindful of our concerns, worries, anxieties, the dreams and aspirations you have placed in our hearts - you provide for them all the way! the story you have written for us, YOU TAKE OVER when we serve you in your terms! you have a REGULAR share, a DEPENDABLE portion, a SURE PROVISION for us AND OUR GENERATIONS. you COMMAND all these things to be so, as we serve you and put you first in our lives. thank you thank you lord we are not the ones pulling the ends together, we are not the ones maintaining the whole picture, we are not the ones scrambling for things to come together. YOU lord, all you. praise you lord!

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