Monday, November 05, 2012


Exodus 20.22
You've experienced firsthand how I spoke with you from heaven.
oh lord we've experienced firsthand how great and how good you are! we've experienced firsthand how you hear our cry and respond to our prayer. we've experienced firsthand how you specifically answer our requests and heart-longings with an unmistakable YES! we've experienced firsthand how you have saved us time and again from forever being separated from you, from physical life-threatening conditions, from daily things big or small that run counter against your plan for us, from bad choices that divert us from your excellent destiny for us. we've experienced how you are always there for us no matter what, how you have never left us alone, how you speak directly into our hearts, setting our minds and whole person aflame with the holy spirit and your word. praise you, praise you lord, you are our only God, there's no one else apart from you!

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