Wednesday, November 28, 2012

His Terms

Leviticus 19.5
When you sacrifice, do it as you've been taught so it is acceptable.
thank you lord, that whatever we offer to you, it is an acceptable, pleasing sacrifice because of what jesus has done! thank you for making a way, and for making it perfect for you! thank you for your mercy, grace and generosity that lets us into your presence with full confidence in what you have done and not in ourselves. thank you lord, that when we do something for you, we will do it your way, on your terms, not ours - that's how you fully use and bless what you have deposited in us to perfectly do what you have written so well! thank you lord that in such kind of submission do we find our exact place in this world, our source of significance for living the life you have for us, our peaceful source of joy and fulfillment knowing that we are living as you have wonderfully said so. praise you lord!

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