Sunday, November 11, 2012

Promise Keeper

Exodus 34.17
By these words I've made a covenant with you.
oh God you are amazing. thank you that all throughout history, every word you give, every word you speak is a sure and mighty promise that we can hold on to. everything that comes out of your mouth is a powerful and secure word that we can hang on to. all good deeds came into being from your word. everything we see, everything we are, the whole world and the entire universe came into being because of your word, and everything you are is a great, sure and true promise that we can fully depend our lives on. we will never go wrong waiting on your every word, we will always hit the mark because of your word. thank you for giving us not just your word and all your goodness that comes with it, but the understanding, the perfect timing, the timely season, the unmistakable security and the firm foundation that is your life to go with it. thank you, thank you lord.

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