Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free Indeed

Leviticus 18.3
Don't live like the people of Egypt where you used to live.
yes lord, thank you for this great great reminder about what we're living for and what we're going after. thank you lord for setting us free from things we cannot say no to, for empowering us for the things we had no power to unchoose. praise you lord for the grace, that we can say yes to obeying you, for giving us capacity to spend time with you, for blessing us and our families with the opportunity to connect with you and not be choked and crowded out by the business of our world! thank you lord that we are never slaves to our livelihood anymore, thank you lord that we are no longer slaves to our needs and provision, we have been set free to pursue what you want for us, we have been set free to be the people you have called us to be, thank you lord that our past has no more bearing on us when it comes to serving and loving you. praise you praise you lord!

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