Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Watch Out

Exodus 22.29-30
Don't be stingy as your wine vats fill up.
oh yes lord, thank you for this reminder, thank you lord for always looking out for our best. as you drive your best plans for us into full fruition and as you follow it through with your sustaining grace you make sure that we stay on track and focused, praise you lord, what a God! thank you lord that as we reap the harvest of our prayers and begin to see even more of your work in and around us - physically, spiritually, financially and all - you give us this reminder not to hold on to the blessings and lose sight of you. all the more lord we need to keep an open hand policy, both in the things that we give to others, and the things we give to you. both in the time we give to others, and the time we give to you. as you prosper us more in all aspects, may we STAY in the same attitude we had about you when it comes to our money and time. thank you lord, praise you!

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