Friday, November 30, 2012

Do Live

Leviticus 20.8
Do what I tell you; live the way I tell you.
yes lord! only can we truly live - if we do what you tell us, if we live the way you tell us. thank you lord that we are not lost, wandering around aimlessly in life not knowing what we are for and if all that we do really mean something and are really making the difference we were meant to make! thank you lord for your foresight, for your perfect sovereignty, for your all-powerful love and your almighty wisdom! thank you lord that we are covered from head to toe, from the deepest issue of our hearts to the biggest dreams you have for us. thank you lord that you tell us what to do, you show us how to live, there is no confusion in you, everything is clearly revealed by your heart and direction through your word. thank you lord that you have gone before us, always ahead of us; the enemy's work is a non-issue, because you are the on who carries out our calling. praise you lord!

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