Saturday, December 01, 2012

I Make You So

Leviticus 20.8
I am the God who makes you holy.
amen amen amen! THIS is why you told us to be holy, because You are holy - IT IS YOU WHO MAKES US HOLY, lord! it's your work, not ours, that sets us apart from the world and everyone and everything else! it's your holiness that gives us peace even if our situations and circumstances are chaotic. it's your holiness that gives us life even if we were already facing death. it's your holiness that abundantly provides for us more than what we need so we can be generous even if our own means are so limited. it's your holiness that gives us grace to make the right choices even if the whole world is going against what you want. it's your holiness that protects and covers us no matter what the enemy does, rendering his work powerless in all aspects. it's your holiness that made us yours, and we praise you praise you lord! thank you!

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