Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You're Welcome

Leviticus 26.11
I won't avoid or shun you.
thank you, God, that as we devote ourselves to following you, as we hold your word dear to us and live by it and breathe and become it, you will make sure we will never be unwelcome in your presence. our prayers will be heard, our conversations with you will not be in vain, we will hear from you! we will be touched by you! you will water our parched souls, our existence that's mundane apart from you, you will satisfy our souls with your acceptance, you will bless us and fill our cup to the full and more with your generous time with us, we will always be recharged, we will never grow weary no matter the challenges - we will always be welcome, we can always run home to you, your presence, your blessed presence. thank you, lord, for being such a great yet deeply personal, welcoming, loving God.

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