Monday, December 10, 2012

Generous and Secure

Leviticus 26.5
You'll have more than enough to eat and will live and secure in your land.
oh lord what a promise that comes with our allegiance to you! what a sure word of living and security on all levels that goes with our decision to follow you and put your first and obey your word and do what you tell us to do. thank you father, you truly care for us in ways we could not even begin to imagine! lord! what a lord! what a great great lord, praise you! you are worthy, lord! we have nothing to worry about, we have nothing to fear, we will have more than enough! you take care not just of our needs but of our generosity as well! thank you lord that your word means what your word means, and it sets out to do what it said, and returns triumphant and victorious every single time! thank you lord that you make good on your word, always always father! blessed be your holy name, amen amen!

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